Little Car


Little Car


9 x 6" Watercolor on Paper.

One day when my son was around 3 years old and I was busying around the house, I glanced out of the window into our backyard and suddenly, I became captivated by the view. My little boy's toy car was parked by a tree, bright and colorful against the long afternoon shadows. It was glowing in the last light of the day, and out of the dirty backyard toy, it transformed into a vision. A symbol of childhood, of play, of things that become forgotten unless we pause and etch them into our memory.

Let this painting remind you about the beautiful little moments that our best memories are made from. 

• Each painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
• Original art is signed by the artist, Yevgenia Watts.
• Varnished to protect from damage.
• Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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Frame Details

  • Wooden frame molding (natural, white, black, or dark walnut)
  • UV-shielding plexiglass, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission
  • Custom cut acid-free 4-ply white mats with beveled edges
  • Archival acid-free foam core backing
  • Protective paperback finish
  • Wall bumpers
  • Hanging hardware + nails
  • Hanging and care instructions
  • Each frame arrives gift-wrapped in kraft paper