Does beauty make you happy?

I picked up another bunch of flowers yesterday. This time, I went with white tulips! As I was unwrapping them at home, I read something on the packaging about how having flowers in your home generates happy-feeling vibes. Duh! Of course it does :) I am sure there is something about surrounding yourself with beauty that makes you happy. How can it not?

Beauty is the promise of happiness. Isn't this why we buy flowers and collect art?

And so, the beautiful September and its 30-paintings-in-30-days are over. I have a few paintings to show for it, which, along with some cool, fall-worthy weather, makes me happy!

Here they all are...Colorful memories of summer. Sunlight and breeze condensed into small square jewels. See all of these original paintings here or, if you prefer a more affordable option, surround yourself with beauty with a little help of my flower prints!