30x30 Day 3: back to Yupo

abstracted figure painting acrylic on yupo

Last month, I really enjoyed virtually walking the streets of Bratislava, the location of December 2012 Virtual Paintout. I took quite a few reference screenshots, and one of them was one of some tourists pointing their cameras back at the Google Earth vehicle taking pictures of them. This painting was based on that screenshot.

In the spirit of being creative and adventurous and all, I tried a new resist technique on the figures: contact shelf liner. The process is actually remarkably close to what I used to do when airbrushing architectural presentations in Ukraine. You cover the whole surface with the liner, draw the design on the liner, and then cut out your shapes with an X-acto knife. Leave the liner on the shapes you want to stay protected, take it off everywhere else. In this case, I left the liner on the figures for the first wash.