A couple of words and a video about my portrait show

http://youtu.be/nvFVAv4H-Ro The show opened on September 8 and, while nobody got stampeded, it was a good evening with new and familiar faces. The best thing, all those who showed up seemed to have a genuine interest and appreciation for my art. I set up an easel to paint but didn't have a chance to do very much painting - my time was occupied with friendly conversations :). My husband (who, by the way, made most of the frames from scratch) was with me and we brought our 5-month old daughter Katia (you will see her in the video, flying by). Elijah, who is now 3 years old, stayed with a friend. He talks a lot now and gets bored easily, so he could be quite a distraction.

I tend to keep myself from getting excited about things, for the fear of being disappointed. Well, in this case, I got more and more excited as the show opened and continued. I spent a several days getting ready for the "Artist Speaks" gallery talk, which was essentially a presentation about my A Portrait A Day project (I will probably make it into another video with voice-over. Or at least a pdf). It is a great feeling to see a body of work that you have spent some time working on hanging on the gallery walls, all nice and presentable. It gave me something very close to a sense of accomplishment, and also, fascination, that people would take the time and come see my paintings and even buy them. Completely different from a group show or an art fair. Here would be a good place to thank the Eclipse Gallery and Joan Sowinski for making this show happen. Thank you!