A Portrait A Day 49 - Emily

beautiful woman with flowers in hair watercolor painting Watercolor on Arches CP 140lb, 12x9". Emily...Emily Zych, despite looking like a princess, is actually a crown-maker. She makes "natural" crowns and gorgeous hair accessories for special occasions (read: weddings).

whichgoose wonderland crown

maiden floral vine crown

maiden floral vine crown

ophelia crown

For those of you who don't know, I didn't have a "real" wedding. We got married at a court house and I was wearing a symbolically white t-shirt, knee-length skirt, and flip-flops. There were several reasons for it, one of them being my intense dislike of parties, ceremonies, fuss, and fluffy white dresses. Now, looking at Emily's crowns, I found in me a desire to wear one of them...still no to fuss though :)