A Portrait A Day 56 - Lisa

woman profile watercolor painting 12x16" watercolor on Arches CP 140lb. Reference photo - Lisa K from Julia Kay's Portrait Party. I started with a wash all over the sheet, worked with a palette knife, let it dry, finished with a large round brush. Oh, and some salt for the background, used at the end of the first wash. Relaxing...

Which is what I don't get much at all. Relaxing, that is. Grumble grumble.

Ok, a couple of news (sounds awkward...can you count news? It took me a while to get used to the idea that you can't count advice in English, you can only distribute it in pieces. In Russian and Ukrainian, you will get hundreds of advices, more than you need, really. You rarely get a piece of it. The Slavic soul is generous).  So, the news. I joined an art society - Associated Artists of Inland Empire, which was the closest organization of this kind (only around 60 miles from here. Yes, I am being sarcastic). I am looking forward to getting a bit more involved, joining their plein airs, shows, and demos. Next month, Tom Fong will demonstrate his watercolor technique - and I hope I can find a babysitter!

Our first arts & crafts event this year will be next Saturday, March 19, at the Harvey House in Barstow. We are also participating in the Oceanside Days of Art (April 16-17, Oceanside, CA). Oh, the smell of the ocean again! :)

And the last news is that my husband is completely absorbed in his new hobby - stained glass. I think it is fantastic and I hope he sticks to it. Head over to his blog and see some awesomeness! I got some glass paint to try, well, painting on glass...