A portrait a day 9 - Esther

Yes, I know there was no post yesterday. That's because I didn't paint on Friday! And I can completely blame it on my husband, that was all his fault. I set everything up for painting and was about to begin when he asked me if I could wait a little. So I did. Then he told me I had an appointment and had to go somewhere. I had no clue what he was talking about but took the car keys and followed the directions from the GPS. When I got to the place, the first thing I saw was a huge banner with big red letters spelling "MASSAGE" and then "Day Spa Jolie" sign on the building... I had a full body treatment waiting for me, and it was wonderful. I felt maybe not like a princess but at least a duchess. :) And imagine my joy when I came back home and the dinner was ready (made from scratch! So much for his attempts to make me believe he can't cook! ), the house cleaned, and the baby washed and fed.  Oh, and flowers! And since my birthday is not until Thursday the 16th, all this was a big and very pleasant surprise. Aaah...I love my husband :)

So now I have a missed portrait to make up for. The one I painted yesterday is Esther, another friend of Sandra's:


Watercolor, watercolor sticks, and gesso on Canson Montval CP 140lb, 9x12. No drawing, as usual with these quick paintings. Esther is 96. This is my first time painting an older person, and I would love to do more!