A Portrait (or figure) A Day 51 and 52

These are from the life drawing session last week, and I'm going to go ahead and claim them as portraits-a-day :P. Both are definitely well under an hour total. sitting nude watercolor painting

15x11 Watercolor on Kilimanjaro CP 140lb. This is Rachel, who is a talented artist herself and is now getting into art modeling. Last Thursday was her first time modeling and she was just fabulous. She is getting this painting as a gift from me, the happy figure-painting addict :) I would also love to work with her more, maybe do a real full-sheet reclining nude...Or a mysterious backlit sitting pose...

watercolor painting man figure

15x11" Watercolor on Kilimanjaro CP 140lb. Aaron (or at least, that's what I think his name is) is a model with some experience. He poses for a local college. If you are having difficulties understanding what is going on in this picture, I do not blame you. He was crouching on top of a cube, with his long-haired head hanging low and his hands trying to hold on to the cube. Pretty neat, actually, and I wish I had more time to work on this pose.

I will post more sketches and paintings from this batch when I find the time to scan and photograph them. Hopefully, soon. I'm experiencing a bit of a burnout lately...Which is probably due to the increasing volume of commissions (not that I'm complaining!) and decreasing duration of my son's daytime nap. I really need to go do something fun, like a concert or art walk or jumping off a bridge strapped to a bungee cord.