A quick update

We had a lapse in internet availability (following a very unpleasant situation with Sprint who excellently illustrated the expression "hidden charges"), hence my absence from the online world. On the positive side, no internet somehow often means a ton of time for painting and other wonderful things (books!).

Last weekend, we also went out (without the kid!) to celebrate our wedding anniversary (which was yesterday). It was great...We went to the Carlsbad Fair. I got a beautiful "Phoenix Fire" silk scarf. We also stopped at an art store (always a treat!), beach (same!), and the flower fields. I am expecting some paintings ;)

And tonight I'm flying to Sacramento to visit my family - but mostly to bring Elijah to his grandparents. And maybe get some sleep...

The sketch above: some negative watercolor painting in my LamaLi sketchbook. Elijah from the back. Also, EDM 266 - something I cherish :) Or someone!