Day 12 and 13 - Tide Pool Abstraction on Yupo

I'm catching up today, hence a two-painting post! And, of course, these two paintings were painted pretty much simultaneously, so it makes sense to put them in the same post.

Tide Pool I. 9.5 x 6" Watercolor and Nupastel on Yupo. $65 (special pricing until October 1st). Buy here.

Once again, I was inspired by a photo from my field trip to Point Reyes. Crevices in rocks full of amazing treasures. Tide pools.

Tide Pool II. 9.5 x 6". Watercolor and Nupastel on Yupo. $65 (special pricing only until October 1st). Buy here. 

I find myself drawn to diptychs and triptychs lately. They are not quite a series yet but maybe doors into future series. I have also been working larger - which is hard to tell based on these little daily paintings but the fact is, I feel more comfortable scaling up. Both working in series and painting larger are straight from my goals list two years or so ago. feels good seeing myself moving towards my own goals as an artist.  

Tide Pool paintings side by side.