Day 20 - Santa Catalina Island!

Aaaand I'm back! This week, we went on a family mini-vacation on the Santa Catalina Island. It was exhausting, as our baby daughter pretty much refused to sleep and was throwing tantrums left and right (not at all typical for her). But it was also great. I enjoyed plugging off the daily life, the housework, the art business, the social interaction, even just for a few days. And, of course, the island is beautiful. It would be fantastic to return there just by myself, or at least without kids, on a plein air trip.

Eureka! I should organize a plein air workshop there! Hmm...

The Casino (which is not a casino but a movie theater) in Avalon. Pen and watercolor on paper.  

The uncropped version, with my daughter's contribution on the left :)