Day 24 of 30x30 - Milk, Cookies, and Palette Knives

acrylic original painting for sale cups cookies still life kitchen decor I got myself a set of palette knives probably about a year ago, with the intention of using them with some kind of heavy-body medium. That's pretty much the only way I like working in oils. But somehow, I still haven't pulled the oils out or bought a set of water-soluble ones...So, here I gave it a go with acrylics. It was fun, and I'm pretty sure I work faster in acrylics than I do in watercolor.

The subject is from a photo that I took a few days ago. My sister-in-law sent us this charming set of handmade (by her!) blue cups. I filled them with milk and threw in come cookies :) I probably ate the cookies afterwards...Maybe :)