Day 27 - A Tree-lined Alley in My Hometown

A memory of a memory. This is a view down a short stretch of an alley in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. This place is next to the main town square, which used to have a humongous statue of Lenin, vandalized and then dismantled after the Soviet Union fell apart, leaving behind a plinth of polished black granite. This alley is also across from one of the art schools I attended as a child (I kind of failed that was a multidisciplinary thing, with mandatory music, dance and theater lessons, in addition to visual art, and I didn't care for dance or theater). Anyway, I've seen it a few times :)

8.5 x 10" ink and watercolor on Arches hot press watercolor paper. $85 (sale price until October 1st). Buy here.

P.S. Incidentally, today was Khmelnistky's "city birthday"  - a celebration of the city. I just found interesting coincidence. I must still be tuned in to the place I was born, even after ten years and across half a world.