Day 28 of 30x30 - The Kiss

couple kissing original art watercolor ink romantic kiss colorful For you, romantic souls :). Happy Valentine's Day ahead of schedule! This little painting did not cooperate at first. It can be a bit hard to draw things with a pen and get them right on the first try. So this was try number 3. Interestingly, I am used to drawing with a pen, and when I did a portrait sketch with a pencil recently, I just couldn't get it right. I kept erasing. It took me four or five tries to get a decent sketch. I think a pen makes you bolder. You know there is no turning back (other than starting a whole new drawing) and so you 1) draw better and 2) accept minor mistakes.

Here is the reference photo for this painting. Have a go at it if you'd like, with a pen :).

Oh, and I think I feel like giving away a card with this image. To enter the drawing, leave a comment below. I'll announce the winner this Friday noon-ish.