EDM 241 and some more Yupo paintings

I really liked the idea of EDM 241 - "draw what you see from your kitchen window." It makes me want to become socially active and do a series based on views from other people's kitchen windows. This one is actually NOT my kitchen window. The only thing that's ours in this sketch is the hammock.

And I am not done with Yupo! I painted a fruit bowl to thank Lisa Thayer for "guest squeezing" me a couple of weeks ago:

Juicy colors, once again.. Here's a detail:

I'm very tempted to crop it and get rid of all the background and most of the fruit in the upper right. What do you think?

Another Yupo, inspired by a glimpse of mountaintops as I was driving through the San Bernardino mountains overpass:

With this one, I tried some Kleenex tissue texture and also blowing on the wet paint through a straw (along the bottom). The blowing did make the paint run upwards in a slightly interesting pattern...But maybe it's not all that effective here. I'm still wondering if I should add some detail in the bottom part of the painting. Some bushes or ferns or something.. On one hand, it could make the painting more interesting, on the other, it could kill the fluidity and fogginess of it.