Failure is your friend?

When I was reading Nita Engle's "How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself" I noticed how lightheartedly she talks about "failed" paintings and unsuccessful attempts. Her "failed" paintings look like my greatest ambitions. Same with a lot of other wonderful painters that I found on the web: they seem to be quite fine with admitting that they, too, fail, and moving on. So what is the secret? The more work you produce the easier it is to discard one of so many? The better you get at what you're doing, the higher your standards get and so you push yourself to do better and dismiss weaker art?

I like getting things right the first time but this painting below is actually a second, and almost third attempt. Almost third - because while working on it the second time, I struggled through a time or two when I wanted to wash the paint off yet again and start over.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome though. Already sold it on Etsy, too!  Everybody likes cherry blossom I guess :)