Fire Made With Water

It is curious how very wet these paintings are when I work on them and how, despite that, they evoke a feeling of moving fire. It must be the organic, free-flowing nature of the opposite elements that unites them. I think it's fascinating.

This is the new painting I have for you for today. It is another 6x6" Yupo mounted on panel. Here's a picture with my hands for scale:

It is available here.

My 3.5 year old daughter was around when I was painting these and she likes to paint, too. She also happened to watch an educational cartoon about Degas and pointillism that morning, so she wanted to do a pointillism flower painting. Here it goes:

Love it. She is currently my artist mentor :)

There will be another Yupo sunflower tomorrow...sorry, can't help myself! :) Yupo and sunflowers go exceptionally well together (here's a larger and older Yupo sunflower painting, available as print). I will also have a link to a Periscope video recording of me painting tomorrow's painting, don't miss it!

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