Foggy and Clear Ocean Watercolor Painting

serene beach scene original art watercolor A little while ago, I painted a series of 6x6" painting with an ocean theme. It was an enjoyable challenge. Enjoyable because I passionately love the ocean, even more than I have once loved the Black Sea. I really miss living in Oceanside and seeing all the different moods of the big water from my window. Of course, in Oceanside, I missed living in Berkeley, and in Berkeley, I kind of missed Ukraine. The grass-is-always-greener effect.

Anyway, these seascapes were also a challenge. First of all, because I don't paint many landscapes in general (I see a potential for another 30-day challenge here) and because of the simplicity that I had in mind and was able to achieve. I had to force myself to stop and walk away. If you're an artist, you know how hard it is to stop (unless you hate the painting, of course! :)) I think I was mostly successful and I wouldn't mind keeping these little gems for myself. They remind me of all the wonderful places in coastal California: San Diego, Monterey and Carmel, Point Reyes, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Ventura.

series of ocean themed watercolor paintings for sale