Four Oranges - Yuppppo-po!

Ah, Yupo...I love you.

Some areas in this particular painting remind me of fused colored glass. The key to making the paint flow as it wishes on Yupo seems to be a lot of (but not too much - or the color is lost!) - surprise - water.  Even the very process of painting on Yupo is kind of exciting. Should I make a video or something? I would probably have to have two cameras: one for the painting and one for my facial expressions, stuck out tongue, and crazy blissful smile.

By the way, I tried a heavier sheet of Yupo (144lb). It feels solid and serious when handling, but I did not yet notice any difference between a 74 and a 144 lb when painting.

And some less exciting sketches:

(EDM 93, egg carton) - drew this one on a paint chip. After hours spent picking out paint for our walls, I have a ton of them in all kinds of colors. I think they're great for little sketches like this.

This one is another result of experimenting in my Moleskine :)