For Valentine's day, I got a house

For Valentine's day, I got a house. Well, of course, it wasn't my Valentine's day present, it's just that we finally closed on the house last week. So my husband, not being a very celebration-inclined person in general, skipped the flowers and chocolate and declared that the house was my present. As for me, I obviously lack similar grandeur, not to mention finances, so I went with a good old valentine:

:) He likes medicine.

And then I was painting. The walls in my new house, all 3-day weekend! Pretty exciting and fulfilling, I think, especially since my whole family came over to help. My mom was watching the baby so I could finally do something with a visible result (versus baby-watching, which is hard work but is not immediately gratifying).  And oh, after years of living within walls of all shades of white and taupe and beige, it is wonderful to have heavy orange, and beautiful blue, and saturated green, and tasty yellow around me!

Also, I had some quiet time today to sketch EDM 22 (a piece of clothing):

I used a non-waterproof pen and really enjoyed it this time. I was ready for it to run and smudge, so I used these properties to my advantage. I think I need to get some color ink...