Looking Back at 30 Paintings in 30 Days

And so, it was great, and it was hard, and it was worth it. In the beginning, I felt motivated and even, on some days, inspired. Then, about the time I ran out of energy (two weeks into the challenge), we went on a short family vacation to Catalina. Which, although exhausting in its own way, kept me going for the rest of the month.

I liked having a theme (landscapes and abstracts) and I am fairly happy with the results. I have 24 paintings and a sketch to show for it! I am also very grateful to all the artists, collectors, blog readers, Facebook fans and just friends who showed a ton of interest in my progress throughout the challenge and supported me with their wonderful comments, helpful suggestions, and the ultimate votes of confidence - purchases of my paintings. THANK YOU! 

 Some of the paintings are still available in my 30 Paintings in 30 Days section.

After a couple of days of a break, I would like to keep going. I am still full of ideas and I just got a shipment of paper and Nexus pens :). But I've been slowly cutting down on activities - mostly the fun ones, unfortunately, like the paintouts and figure drawing - as I've been feeling progressively worse. There are only four weeks left until the baby is supposed to get here. So, I'll be finishing commissions and painting a few pieces for a couple of winter shows I would like to get in to. Other than that, I will probably be laying low for a while.