Monthly Sketch Project and my first ACEO

Latest Monthly Sketch Project has a beautiful reference picture and I just had to paint it. I have also been contemplating ATC/ACEOs (Artist trading cards/ Art Cards Editions and Originals). So this is my monthly sketch project entry which happens to fit the size of an ATC:

I might do a larger one, too. The drawing here is the result of another experiment. Somebody on WetCanvas suggested using wax paper to write one's signature if it will be in a dark area of the painting. Before you paint, you put a piece of wax paper on top of your watercolor paper, sign the painting, and then when you're done, the signature stays white against the dark background. That gave me an idea to try this method instead of crayons!


  • easier to achieve finer lines
  • you have a drawing on the wax paper that you can refer to (since it's hard to see the white lines on white paper!)


  • almost impossible to see the lines
  • easier to wash off than crayon. Not a good thing if you want your lines to stay where you put them.

Speaking of trading cards, I couldn't find any well-organized place to exchange with other artists. Anybody interested? Here is another one that I listed on Etsy:

Some pretty interesting effects here I think...