More art from my watercolor painting students

sunflowers adult student painting watercolor As I promised, here are a couple of paintings by my adult watercolor painting students. Same setup with sunflowers on purple backdrop as the class demo I posted earlier. The color is probably quite a bit off in these shots - I didn't have the originals to compare to when I was editing the photos - but it should give you an idea of how talented these women really are. Pam (above) has never painted before but has an exceptional gift for bold and exciting color. The various purples and oranges in this painting were all mixed from a 6-color palette of cool and warm primaries. I am glad she decided to try painting.

Sharon (below) is a kindergarten teacher by day (a trade that must mean some superpowerful combination of patience and courage, not unlike watercolor painting ;)) and and a relentless painting experimenter by night. I think she will keep growing as an artist at very fast pace.

watercolor painting by adult student vase with sunflowers