Mother's Day Lavender

Original painting for sale watercolor Mother's Day Lavender Watercolor on Kilimanjaro cold press 140lb paper. Size: 9.5 x 12.5" Click on the image to buy.

Somehow, this painting is a very accurate representation of the little bunch of lavender flowers that my son gave me this Mother's Day (not without the careful guidance from my husband :)) Lavender tends to have somewhat muted color and it was the way I started the painting. However, I was not feeling muted at all. The flowers (and two extra hours of sleep that morning) made me happy - so I found myself splashing color and adding more intensity. Out of a few lavender flowers, it became an expression of a good day, of happiness, and of feeling special because you are a mom and your little boy just gave you flowers with a beautiful smile on his face...

This painting would also make a good reference chart with all kinds of watercolor techniques. See if you can find wet on wet, wet on dry, splatter, backruns, salt, glazing, scraping and water drops! :)

little boy holding chalk