Painting classes start in a week!

June 2, to be precise. I can't wait! And not only because it's a welcome break from full-time, nay, overtime mommying. I love sharing what I learned through the years of art-making, even though I feel that I only barely touched the surface of what there is to be learned. My classes are expanding. In addition to both basic and intermediate levels at the Apple Valley Town hall, I am starting Intro to Watercolor at Burning House Art Studio on June 11 and another beginner class in Helendale, where I live (June 19). I'm also developing a couple of courses for middle/high school age kids and contemplating a portrait workshop some time in fall. Obviously, having a baby hasn't slowed me down enough :)

Not that I don't want occasionally to throw in the towel. Finding time for anything is even harder now...But for the sake of everyone involved, I have to paint. The darkest times in my life were marked by NOT painting, and getting back to making art (often, taking a class) usually pulled me out into the daylight.

Anyway, here are some more paintings from my intermediate class (the students would protest that none of theirs is finished, but oh well :)) :

yellow tulips photo

tulips watercolor painting student

tulips watercolor painting by student

yellow tulips watercolor painting by student

yellow tulips watercolor painting