Stig-Ove Sivertsen, Norwegian watercolor artist

sivertsen in the woods 1

I keep "finding" Scandinavian watercolor gems. Here is the newest addition to the Artist Website section of my recommended links: S.O.Sivertsen

sivertsen in the woods 2 watercolor painting scandinavian
landscape sivertsen watercolor painting scandinavian norway

Another jewel from Sivertsen's website is this beautiful video that gives you a peek into why the process of working with watercolor is so exciting and addicting:

It almost doesn't matter what the end result is. You can just watch it move, bleed and blend for hours...

Nice soundtrack, too. Some Norwegian Radiohead :) Correction: Icelandic Radiohead (Wikipedia told me so). Sigur Ros.

Oh, and the other video on his website "is not available in my country."  Thanks so much, Sony.