The secret language of art

I've been thinking (at this beginning of a conversation between me and my husband, at least one of us usually feels a little uneasy :). So, I've been thinking: Why is it that people keep saying that my art is "happy" and "joyful"? Why do I make bright, saturated colors and soft textures? Anybody who knows me will agree that I am not a happy, joyful, and colorful sort of person. Not typically, anyway. Maybe the saying "Tell me (what kind of art you make) and I'll tell you who you are" does not apply to art. Or maybe we don't really know ourselves and our art shows the true nature, or just another side of our nature? Are my colors an expression of a secret desire to be flamboyant? That's what I've been thinking.

And then there's art-we-make versus art-we-like, also. I often feel that the art I like (usually other people's art, of course) is a better expression of who I am than the art I make. Paradox.