Zingy, Zesty, Tasty Color

This little painting now lives in the home of my friends and collectors, somewhere in Italy. It's almost like a piece of me fulfilling the dreams of worldwide travel. It's a curious feeling.

This image of a lemon cut in half is also one of my best-selling prints, and I imagine it is so because it makes such a fresh and colorful statement piece for a kitchen or dining room. It is definitely not shy. It is bursting with juicy colors that, well, go well together!

I had such a great response to my Coastal Living color palette post, that I decided to make it into a series and continue making inspirational color palettes based on my paintings. I hope you will find these helpful for your interior design and home decorating projects.

If you feel that your kitchen or dining room needs some citrusy, lemony, mouth-wateringly zesty pick-me-up, go here to buy one of these prints!