Looking Through Windows


Looking Through Windows


Original Art, Mixed Media Collage

Size: 5” x 5”

“I love abstracts,” says Watts. “Not all of them—did someone say “Pollock”?—but some. I love the powerful connection they can have with your own personal experiences, associations, and just unclear fuzzy feelings. I love how much space they leave for the viewer.”

This piece is strong and vibrant, a vivid combination of color, texture, and architectural themes. Definitely a statement piece for a working space, a living space, even a cooking space! Feel the excitement of acquiring original artwork by a stunning artist and build—or add to—your collection today.

• Each painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
• Original art is signed by the artist, Yevgenia Watts.
• Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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ARTIST MATERIALS: Mixed media collage on Aquabord.

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  • Purchase prices are for the physical artwork only and do not include copyright permissions.
  • No artwork is authorized to be re-printed or redistributed without the artist’s expressed permission.
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