Empty Original Watercolor Figure Painting


Empty Original Watercolor Figure Painting


Original painting

15" x 22"

Mixed media (watercolor and hard pastels) on watercolor paper

Frame available at an additional cost. Contact me if you want to talk about it!


...A young woman, her head tilted back, her long hair spilling over her shoulders. Her face is at peace - or maybe it's an expression of emptiness she feels. She is reclining in a comfy lounge chair - or maybe she is ever so slightly falling in space.

It is true that the artist, often unconsciously, transfers their own state of mind into their art. The model gets shaped into an expression of another being's anguish. And the recipient of this message, the viewer of the art, translates it into their own language - a language of vague feelings, an emotional response to the art mingled with the emotions of the artist who makes the art.

That is what makes this painting powerful.

This painting will make a perfect addition to your bedroom, office, or living room. Feel the exhilaration of acquiring original artwork by an exciting artist, and add to your collection today—or start a collection now and create your own gallery of stunning art.

• Each painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

• Original art is signed by the artist, Yevgenia Watts.

• Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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Original Artwork

All original artwork is created using professional quality materials. Each painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Matting of the artwork is available at an additional cost using 100% cotton rag mat board and backing board in neutral colors. Each piece will be individually packaged and delivered. All original paintings are signed by the artist, Yevgenia Watts.

Please note: Purchase prices are for the physical artwork only and do not include copyright permissions. No artwork is authorized to be re-printed or redistributed without the artist’s expressed permission. Please contact the artist if you would like to use any image for public or commercial purposes.