More gorgeous flowers!

Here's what I've been up to. After a short break from September's 30 paintings in 30 days project, I took up another 30x30 marathon, this time with a show at a local art gallery at the finish line. I continued my theme of flowers on Yupo and refined my process to a point where I became very comfortable with it. I feel like the next step should be growing these florals larger and abstract-er. Maybe sometime soon.

Closeup of a watercolor on Yupo in progress.

It was fun playing with water and paint and fine-tuning this series. I get so dorky-excited when I watch the paint ooze and mix on the surface and create amazing organic textures. It makes me happy every single time :)

Working on this many panels in a short time created some logistical challenges. This last move left me without a studio and I get to be all kinds of creative around the dining room and living area. So, these ledge shelves from Crate & Barrel were my solution to the drying and storage issues. Well, not so much drying, since I usually keep watercolors on Yupo flat until they are dry, but these shelves do keep them all nice and away from forces of nature (like my kids).

I got six of these, three on each side of my dining room window.

And they are great at forcing me to step away and evaluate, hence the fact that some of the paintings above do not exist anymore. Or, rather, exist in a more metaphysical way, underneath something else. This should make the job of x-raying my paintings after I'm dead more interesting :)

Another curious part of this project was mounting it on a 41x41" board (the gallery's idea). I wasn't so sure about it at first but loved how it turned out. If nothing sells, I will welcome the whole panel back with joy. It is beautiful.

The show runs through Jan. 9, 2016 at Blue Line Arts Gallery (405 Vernon Street, Suite 100 Roseville, CA). Reception is on December 19, 7-9 pm.

30 Paintings in 30 Days, here we go!

I've been waiting to announce my participation in the 30 Paintings in 30 Day challenge until the last moment. These days, I can't plan things very far in advance, at least not without running a high risk of getting frustrated and disappointed. So. It starts tomorrow, and tomorrow I plan on posting painting number one :) . After that, we'll see what happens. I'm going to scratch the weekends off and shoot for 20 paintings. One month, 20 paintings. I'd be happy with that.

This will be my fourth time doing the challenge. I should probably go read my own summary posts about the three previous challenges...I do remember things being intense :) . Why not, here they are (clicking an image will take you to the summary post for the challenge):

   First one, January 2013.


First one, January 2013.

Let's see...Elijah was 3, Katia was 8 months old and I was pregnant with Ella. Fun times.

"What was I thinking?" Yep, that's what I'm thinking.

Challenge 2. September of the same year (2013).

Challenge 2. September of the same year (2013).

I had a tentative landscape theme. Ella was born in early November.

   Round 3. January 2014.


Round 3. January 2014.

For the third challenge, I kept things relatively low key. Two months after I had a baby and all that. This is how I keep myself (relatively) sane.

I skipped two challenges (September 2014 and January 2015). I just had no mojo. Or FOMO. Maybe a little bit of the latter, but really, not enough. My mind is already busy burying most of 2014 away from accessible memory. It sucked.

And so, gingerly, I am doing a 30-in-30 challenge again. Bring it on.

I decided to go with a theme this time, and the theme shall be bold and colorful flowers. Somehow, the fact that I paint a lot of flowers escaped me. It probably has something to do with me wanting to be a serious and important artist, not some tree-hugging, flower-smelling stay-at-home mom who paints watercolors for fun. Serious art is not fun.

And yet, that's what I'm about to do for a whole month. I'm thinking that most of the paintings will be on Yupo and I hope to record some videos of the process. "Fun and Colorful Flowers on Yupo?" Tell me you don't want to take that class ;)

Are you going to California State Fair? the tune of "Scarborough Fair," of course! I am going, and I will be painting live as part of the Plein Air at the Fair competition. I thought, "Why not?" I like getting outside and painting or sketching, and there's going to be a ton of subject matter at the fair, and it only costs me $10 to enter a painting (I signed up for three), so why not?

I plan on being there on July 18 and 19, around 11 am - 6pm. Maybe later. If you're around and you want to come say hi, let me know ASAP.

This is going to be fun :)

Me painting at the San Bernardino county fair

Thank You for Being You!

Thank You!

(Just me being sentimental)

Seriously, thanks for being one of the people who are there for me, cheering me on and believing that I will make it big time :)
You keep me going.

As a small token of appreciation, here's a free shipping code for anything you want on my website: JUST4YOU (enter at checkout, ends 12/03).

That's all for now.


Well, Hello from the State Capital!

I cannot believe it's been over a month since my last blog post. Since we found out that my husband got the job in Sacramento and we decided to move, it was like someone pressed the "forward" button. Things moved fast.

We have lived in the new place for a week and a half now. I like it quite a lot...quiet dead-end street; a bunch of trees in the front yard; big kitchen; living area with windows, one of them huge and looking into the green backyard shaded by a spectacular oak tree; a tree house that my kids love in that same backyard; and, most of all, a wonderful garage-converted-into-a-room space that I immediately claimed as my studio. That, unfortunately, means there is no garage for us to put all of our stuff that filled a 2.5 car garage in our old house. And my poor husband doesn't have a real workshop area (the shed we have is pathetic). So it's a trade-off. Seeing that I am the one spending most of my life in this house, though, it's probably a smart trade-off. Oh yeah, and the studio can be completely locked out of the rest of the house and has a separate entrance :D . Ah, the possibilities...

Our breakfast nook window.

I am yet to set up an easel but I already have two shows on the schedule. I just got a call that I received an Award of Merit at the Sacramento's watercolor group (WASH) annual show for this painting:

Curiouser and Curiouser. 30x22" watercolor on paper.

...which was cool. This is my first award at a show that may mean anything (vs my ribbons from the San Bernardino County Fair, where I felt I had no competition to speak of). I feel good about it :) The show will run April 1 though April 19 with a 2nd Saturday (Sacramento's monthly art walk) reception on April 12 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Location is the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. You are invited!

The second show opening in May at the Kennedy Gallery Art Center is the 20/20 show and I'll tell you more about it soon :)

We are moving!

To Sacramento, that is!

I will miss quite a few of the amazing people who I met during my four years of living in the desert but I am so ready for this! I look forward to being a part of Sacramento's growing art culture (I even dare to think about a real, outside of the home art studio (gasp!)) My kids will finally have grandparents and uncles nearby (did someone say "free childcare"? :))

Unfortunately, this also means that all the classes and happenings I had planned in the High Desert will not happen and somebody else will need to take over my High Desert Art Meetup group. It's bittersweet. I am hoping that I will be able to focus instead on developing the long-promised online courses, a regular plein air and figure drawing routine, and a solid body of work. I feel that this move is a step up.

Guess who's in the paper!

  In April, I visited an art club in Phelan, CA, spoke a bit about myself and my art and did a watercolor painting demo of a little girl. It was a pleasant visit! I am often amazed at and very grateful to people who show interest in my art, and even more when they are willing to spend hours watching me paint. And, of course, my collectors, who spend their hard-earned money on a piece of art that I created. It's humbling.

Anyway, soon after the demo, I was thrilled to find a copy of Mountaineer Progress in my mailbox, forwarded by the club's president. Inside, there was an article about me! Other than calling the capital of Romania "a typical European village," it looks pretty good :)


newspaper article about Yevgenia Watts


alla prima portrait painting of a child

Watercolor Classes in Silver Lakes

Learn Watercolor Flyer

Do you like learning new things in a warm and friendly atmosphere? Have you always wanted to try watercolor painting but heard that watercolor is hard? Come and have fun! My classes are for beginner to intermediate painters and include step-by-step introduction to painting with watercolor. You will learn all about the tools and materials for watercolor painting, different ways to apply paint, and will make a few paintings of your own! Bring a friend to make it even more fun!

  • When: Mondays 11:30 am - 2 pm, March 4 - April 8
  • Cost: $99 (for a limited time). For a suggested supplies list, click here. A basic supply kit will be available for purchase at the first day of class for $35.
  • Senior Discount! Email me or call (916)749-6066 for details.

[button link="" type="big" color="green"] Register Now[/button]




My artwork is now on checks!

In early December last year, I was approached by a check printing company, CheckAdvantage, to see if I was interested in creating several sets of checks with my artwork on them (shout-out to Skinny Artist, I was found through their artist directory!). So I said, sure, and last week, we launched my CheckAdvantage products. I am tempted to buy my own address labels and checks :) (good sign, right?). There are nine themed sets with four images each, featuring my favorite artworks. Seascapes, cityscapes, flowers, trees, California, Europe, and even a separate set of sunflowers :). I'm pretty excited about all this. I always look for something artistic and, preferably, unique when I order checks and I love writing a check and thinking of the person receiving it and how they would say, "Oh, this is a very cool check! She has a great taste." Or something like that :). I can't wait to run out of my current boring checks!  


Yevgenia Watts Checks Yevgenia Watts Side Tear Checks Yevgenia Watts Address Labels Yevgenia Watts Checkbook Covers



artistic checks

Happy Holidays!

mountains watercolor on yupo Whatever winter holidays you celebrate, I wish you happy and merry ones! It has been a good year for me, both personally and professionally. Thank you for your interest, support, and encouragement! They mean a lot to me. As a small gift, please treat yourself to a desktop wallpaper with the image above. It's the new version of an older painting of San Bernardino mountains. To download the wallpaper, click on the image, then right-click and choose "Save Image as" or "Set as desktop background" (or something along those lines, according to your operating system). Enjoy!

Solo show opening this Saturday!

artist exhibition flyer  

Remember "A Portrait A Day"? No? Well, it's been a while. It was a project I did in 2010-2011. I decided that I would paint a small portrait (most of them are 9x12") every day and limit myself to 30-60 minutes per painting. This upcoming show highlights the best of the 60+ paintings that I completed. It is my first solo show at a gallery, and definitely the first one of such a large scale. I would love to see you at the reception!



Blick's Featured Artist of the month is yours truly

I'm posting this a bit late, but I still wanted to share the good news: I was selected Blick's Featured Artist of the Month for the month of June. The award comes with a nice $75 Blick gift card (which, to be honest, was my primary motivation for sending in my submission). After a lot of painful indecision, I spent the gift card on these: plaster hand models

They came in today and I can't wait to draw them! Here is the link to Blick's product page for these hand models:

Human Hand Stands

If you are interested in submitting your art for the Featured Artist of the Month, check out this Facebook page.