My artwork is now on checks!

In early December last year, I was approached by a check printing company, CheckAdvantage, to see if I was interested in creating several sets of checks with my artwork on them (shout-out to Skinny Artist, I was found through their artist directory!). So I said, sure, and last week, we launched my CheckAdvantage products. I am tempted to buy my own address labels and checks :) (good sign, right?). There are nine themed sets with four images each, featuring my favorite artworks. Seascapes, cityscapes, flowers, trees, California, Europe, and even a separate set of sunflowers :). I'm pretty excited about all this. I always look for something artistic and, preferably, unique when I order checks and I love writing a check and thinking of the person receiving it and how they would say, "Oh, this is a very cool check! She has a great taste." Or something like that :). I can't wait to run out of my current boring checks!  


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