Meet Baby Katia!

baby face watercolor sketch Here she is, my excuse for being so out of everything for almost half a year. She was born on April 3d, weighing 8lb 3.9oz and 20 inches tall.

baby girl

She's a healthy and mostly well-behaved baby (minus last week, when my mother-in-law was visiting. Looks like my kids just automatically become hyper when grandparents are around!) My son had a pretty tough time the first two weeks but seems to be recovering from the shock. He likes to hug and kiss the baby and always runs to the rescue when she's crying :) (he even says, "Al rescate!" - Spanish for "to the rescue!" when he does that).

brother and baby sister

I'm somewhat overwhelmed and trying to keep things low key and slow for now. I would love to have a couple of weeks of just me and the baby. Nevertheless, things are picking up speed...I've had several commission inquiries, some Etsy sales, and I'm getting ready to teach more classes in the summer.